Slayers are members of a strange sub-cult of Dwarven society. They seek death in combat in order to atone for some wrongdoing. Although they seek death, Dwarfs are incapable of deliberately fighting to lose, and so always enter the fray to win. Therefore Slayers spend as much time as possible improving their warrior skills.

Slayers deliberately seek uneven combat, for example by entering a Goblin stronghold alone. Trolls are considered the ideal opponents, as the Dwarf’s death is almost assured. Their way of life weeds out all but the toughest and most determined warriors, so that those Slayers who survive for any period time are invariably exceptionally tough, violent, and extremely dangerous.

As a mark of their Oath, all Slayers dye their hair bright orange, and stiffen it with pig grease so that it sticks out at alarming angles. Tattoos also cover their bodies.


Dwarfs are above all very proud individuals and do not cope easily with failure or personal loss. Should a Dwarf suffer some terrible personal tragedy, he will be inconsolable. The loss of his family, his hoard, or failure to uphold a promise can seriously unhinge the mind of any Dwarf. Young Dwarfs forsaken in love often never recover from the blow to their pride. Whatever the cause, Dwarfs who have suffered what they perceive to be a serious loss of honor will often forsake the fellowship of their family and friends for a life of self-imposed exile. These Dwarfs become Slayers.

Leaving their home stronghold as far behind as possible, they wander in the wilderness brooding on the misery of existence. Having broken with everything he holds dear, the Dwarf deliberately seeks death by hunting out and fighting large monsters. They are stern and laconic individuals, not much given to talking about themselves, and they tend to be horribly scarred as a result of their encounters with trolls, giants, dragons and other monsters.
Younger Slayers often band together, sometimes under the tutelage of an older master, so that they can learn the arts of monster slaying. In times of war whole bands of Slayers appear out of the wilderness and join the Dwarf armies, which is help more than welcome to the Dwarf Lords.


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