Massive, stinky dwarf with a wild look in his eyes.


Name: Horgar Thorisson
Race: Dwarf, Mountain
Size: Medium
Height: around 4’10’’
Weight: around 190lbs
Hair / Eye Color: Blonde (dyed crimson) / Blue
Class: Barbarian, Rager
Background: Outlounder
General appearance: Dirty, stinky, scary. He sculpts his mohawk with dyed pork fat.


Horgar Thorisson is a Slayer. No one knows what Horgar did to become a Slayer, but because of it, he wanders the world seeking a glorious death to an insurmountable enemy of Dwarves so he can overcome his shame. By dying a good dwarf, he hopes to impress Moradin and be in his grace by the Soulforge.

He never showers, stinks, and get drunk all the time and like to fight a lot. But hes not all bad; he hates bullies and generally tries to do the right thing (according to dwarves). He does get a little gold crazy from time to time, but thats not all of what he’s about. He’s not too bright so he tattoos reminders of people he has grudges with all over his body so he won’t forget.

When he first ventured out of his home in Citadel Felbarr, he almost died out in the wilderness. He never spent much time in the forest before, having grown up underground as an apprentice smith. Close to death, but too stupid to notice, Horgar came across a small human that was about to be killed by a bear. Horgar slew the bear after which the noble human (an oxymoron as far as Horgar was concerned) swore a life oath to him. Horgar seized the opportunity to make the human, Bean, his rember-er. Horgar doesn’t like to admit it but the human ranger taught Horgar how to survive in the forests of the Savage North.

Horgar will defend Bean with everything he has. He tells himself its because he needs his remember-er to share news of his glorious death back to the Spine of the World. But just as much he has learned to respect Bean’s keen understanding of the wilderness as well as the use of his bow.


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