Human Ranger, Hunter Archetype


5th Level Human Ranger
HP: 39
AC: 15
Primary Weapon: Longbow, 1D8+4
Secondary Weapons: Dual Wield Shortswords, 1D6+4 (each)

Spells – 4 spells known; 4 lvl 1, 2 lvl 2 spell slots
Lvl 1 Spells

  • Ensnaring strike – 1 bonus action, requires concentration; cast spell, upon next target hit, vines appear, target makes strength saving throw or restrained (large creatures have adv. on saving throw). If restrained, 1D6 damage every turn. Strength check vs. spell save DC to break.
  • Hail of thorns – 1 bonus action, requires concentration; cast spell, upon next ranged target hit, thorns appear from tip of weapon, target and all creates within 5ft must make dex saving throw. If fail, 1d10 damage; if successful, 1/2 1d10 damage

Lvl 2 Spells

  • Darkvision – pinch of dried carrot;grants target vision in dark up to 60 ft for8 hours
  • Spike Growth – 150ft, 7 sharp thorns / twigs, requires concentration; ground in 20ft radius around targeted spot becomes difficult terrain with spikes. Any creature moving through gets 2d4 piercing damage every 5ft. Wisdom check v. spell save DC informs creature of ground.

Hunter Archetype

  • Favored enemies: Orcs / Goblins (bonuses on ability checks against)
  • Favored terrain: forest (bonuses on ability checks in Forest)
  • Archery style – +2 to attack rolls if ranged weapon
  • Primeval awareness – can use 1 spell slot to focus and detect enemies within 1 mile
  • Horde breaker – once every turn, if successful weapon attack, can make additional attack on any other creature within 5ft of first target
  • Extra attack – hunter can attack twice

Bean was always alone. Never knowing his parents. Never knowing where he came from. Never even knowing his name – “Bean” was just a moniker given to him by other street urchins because he was so tiny.

Ironically, being small was how Bean survived on the streets. Bean only needed a bit of food and could easily escape into side alleys where bullies and the police could not easily follow him. He learned to be swift, to stay in the shadows, to use his environment to his advantage. He learned to stalk people carrying food and to blend into the natural background of trees, bushes, or hedges. In short (no pun intended), he learned the skills needed to hunt down everything he needed.

As a lonely urchin on the streets, the one thing Bean always hunted for the most was validation. Validation that he was not a mistake. That he was here for a reason. And maybe, just maybe, that someone cared whether he existed or not. And it was that need that led Bean to Petra.

Petra was another street urchin and, unlike all the others, actually seemed to care for others. She took care of a group of younger urchins and begged for food, sometimes even trading favors to strange men who seemed to visit her with a burning desire in their eyes. Yet never did Petra complain. She simply made sure her urchins stayed fed and safe. And she even reached out to the smallest, weakest looking urchin of them all: Bean. For once, Bean felt cared for. He felt needed. He began to put his faith and trust in another person for the first time.

Which made it all the harder when Petra went out one day and didn’t return. Bean searched for her throughout the city, but all he could ever find was a bloody dagger, a piece of Petra’s hair, and a single coin that Petra had always carried with her. It wasn’t until months later that Bean discovered the horrible truth, of the ultimate sacrifice Petra had made to protect her fellow urchins. Bean, however, made sure to avenge her sacrifice. A day that ran red with blood and tears.

After that day, Bean grew cold and untrusting. He further refined his skills at stealth and camouflage and stole a bow and arrow from a passing knight. With it, Bean swore that he would never rely on anyone ever again; he could only trust himself. And with that, Bean spent years honing his skills as an archer, a true specialist in the art of hunting, tracking, and surviving on his own.

It was during one of Bean’s treks through the forest that he came upon a great wild bear, a beast with the strength of 10 men. Bean had tracked this creature for miles, but still was caught unaware by its incredible strength and anger. Shrugging off multiple arrows, it charged at Bean uttering a tremendous roar. And Bean, for just one second, relaxed; he would soon see Petra again.

The dwarf’s arrival was as unexpected as the retched stench that accompanied him. Holding his nose, Bean marveled at the strength of the dwarf; he was wrestling the bear down! And winning! At that moment, Bean also noticed an axe in the dwarf’s hand swinging down, followed by a loud squelch. The bear lay dead. However, it did not seem that the dwarf noticed or even cared; he continued to stab the carcass in a blind rage.

Cautiously approaching the raging dwarf, Bean drew an arrow from his quiver and called out “Who are you!?” The dwarf, covered in the bear’s blood, turned and said “Me? I am the one that saved you little one! I am Horgar the Bear Slayer now! You should be more careful, I will not always be there to protect you. You are too small to take care of yourself!”

Which, as you may have already guessed dear Reader, brings us to today. For it is I, Bean, that writes this account and it is I, Bean, that will record the great deeds of Horgar the Bear Slayer, Horgar the Lamentor Holder, Horgar the Foolish, Horgar the Smelly. Yes, I write now in service of the one who saved me, for never shall I owe my life to another without repayment. This is the deal struck between Horgar and I, to be his “rememberer,” And so I will travel with him and record, and remember. And I shall prove to him, along the way, that being small matters not to one’s skill at death. #smallbutdeadly


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